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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”
-Benjamin Franklin

You will find educational resources for residents, fellows, and medical practitioners inside the Physician Portal. Is is designed for medical specialties including Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine, Hand Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery and Neuromuscular Ultrasonography. Check out Dr. Iyer’s most recent articles and previews of the quizzes and presentations.


Dr. Iyer has written and contributed to numerous publications throughout his medical career.  You will find his most recent articles in our Publications  section. Check out “Telekinesis: Are We There Yet?” from Greater Louisville Medical Society’s May edition.

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Preview of Quizzes and Presentations

Case of the Month

Can you Figure it out?

Instant Diagnosis

See if you are adept at using the network between your visual association areas, parahippocampus and hippocampus!

Neurology Quiz

Challenge your observational skill for syndromic diagnosis.

Neuromuscular Quiz

Test your diagnostic acumen using clinical and electrodiagnostic findings. You can try all 20 fabulous cases

Muscle Music

“I can tell the diagnosis just by listening to the needle EMG; I don’t have to look at the pattern.”   Really?

Neuromuscular Ultrasound

  1. Challenge yourself with 10 cases showing unique ultrasound images and NCV/EMG data
  2. Enjoy 6 cases using “dynamic ultrasound”
  3. Climb into the “ultrasonic space shuttle” and enjoy the thrill of “Fantastic Voyages”

EEG & Polysomnography

Test your pattern recognition skill with EEG and PSG traces

Kleinert Kutz Annual Talk Presentation

Basics of Electromyography Preview