Patient Learning Center

Welcome to the Patient Learning Center!  You will find resources that will help you to understand what EMG, NCV, and Ultrasounds studies are, what they are for, and what they can and cannot tell you.  We also offer resources that will help to inform you whether or not these studies are appropriate for your symptoms or condition. There are helpful links to outside resources as well. This section is under construction so come back again later once you’ve perused the current pages.

How Do I Know if I Need an EMG? 

These studies are only appropriate for certain symptoms and conditions. We outline here which conditions are more commonly associated with being diagnosed by these studies and which are not.

Recording electrodes placed on wrist and hand
Ultrasound of Ulnar Nerve

EMG, NCV, and Ultrasound Basics 

Learn what EMG, NCV, and Ultrasound studies are, exactly what the studies entail and what to expect when you come in for your appointment.

More Materials To Come!