Request an Appointment

How do I Schedule an Appointment?

After your visit to the referring physician you must call our office and leave a message on our scheduling line (see instructions below).  Once we have the referral from an appropriate referring provider and verified your demographic and insurance information, we will call you back within 2-3 business days to schedule your appointment.  We must have a written or electronic order from your physician’s office that specifies what area is to be tested and what the test is for before we can call you back.  The time it takes to get these referrals vary.  If you have not heard back from us within 3 business days call the office at (502) 708-1338 and press 0 to speak with someone. 

Calling to Schedule

We have recently changed our scheduling process, so even if you have been to our office recently, please read carefully so as to not delay your appointment.  If you decide you do not want to schedule at this time, you do not have to call the office. If you would like to give us a courtesy call letting us know you don’t plan to schedule or would like to wait to have the test, you may do so at your convenience.  If you have questions or fears about the test please look over the entire Patients section of our website, as it strives to address the questions and concerns we hear the most. 

  1. When you are ready to schedule your appointment gather the following information to allow us to process your request as quickly as possible:
    • Full name
    • Date of Birth
    • Referring physician
    • Insurance information – type and member ID if available for Primary and Secondary
    • The best phone number and time to reach you. Our call back hours vary, but if you need to be contacted after 3:00PM, it may be best to give an email address, if possible.
    • If you prefer to be contacted via email, please spell your email address slowly and clearly.
    • If you have a return appointment scheduled with your referring physician, please let us know. 
  2. Call (502) 708-1338, select option 1 and wait for the prompt.  Have the information above handy and follow the instructions on the message.  Please be sure to speak slowly and clearly.  We will call/email you back within 2-3 business days. 
  3. Once you have been called, you do not need to need to leave another message, you may press 0 to speak with someone in the office.
  4. We recommend calling your referring physicians and letting them know you have scheduled your EMG/NCV so they can give you a return appointment.
  5. You may request to be added to our “cancellation list” for the opportunity to get your appointment moved up when another patient cancels. Be sure to notify your referring your physician if your appointment is moved up to find out if they can get you back into their office sooner.

We must go over the information given to us by your referring physician before we can give you an appointment date and time, so please be patient when we call.  This is to ensure we are aware of all of your pertinent personal and health information before we make the appointment, as some conditions are not appropriate for the test and/or keep us from being able to perform the test in our specific private office setting.  Verifying this information also helps us to properly schedule your appointment, as some diagnoses and types of tests take longer than others. Dr. Iyer is the only person who performs these tests at the Neurodiagnostic Center and is always in demand. We have to be precise in how we schedule to make sure urgent referrals are prioritized and to keep wait times as short as possible.

Insurance and Workman’s Compensation Authorization

For certain types of insurances and all workman’s compensation cases we need authorization before we make the appointment.  The timeline for these authorizations can vary, and we will continue to contact these entities until we have a determination.  However, you are your best advocate.  If you find that your PCP office, insurance company, and/or workman’s compensation representative are not being responsive to our requests, we suggest that you call them yourself.  No one can make the case for speeding up the process better than the patient.  If you need the contact numbers that we are using or think we may have the wrong information please call the office as soon as possible so we can work together to expedite the process.

Cancellation Waiting List

When you make your appointment, you have the option to request to be put on our cancellation list if you’d like the opportunity to come in sooner.  When someone cancels their appointment we call patients in chronological order to offer them the vacated space. Circumstances do not always allow us leave a message, so if you see that we have called, please call us back at your earliest convenience to find out if the slot is still available.  When making your appointment, please let us know of your availability, such as being able to come on short notice.  If it has been several weeks and you have not gotten a call from us, please call the office to make sure we have the correct phone number specified as your primary. 

Please check our Covid-19 page for updated scheduling information.