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You will find 5 sections which are meant to be educational resources for physicians and trainees. Section 1 and 2 are meant for physicians and trainees in electromyography and the practice of neuromuscular medicine. Section 1 titled “Neuromuscular Quiz” has 20 quizzes pertaining to various neuromuscular disorders. Section 2 titled “Muscle Music” is directed towards trainees in electromyography and tests the proficiency of auditory perception of needle electromyography patterns. Section 3 is “Neuromuscular Ultra” and is directed to physicians and trainees in neuromuscular medicine with interest in ultrasonography. Section 4 is titled “Neurology Quiz” and is directed to physicians and trainees in Neurology. Section 5 “EEG Quiz” is directed towards fellows in clinical neurophysiology specializing in EEG.


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